Why skiing?

Because, along with swimming, skiing is one of the two social sports that anyone has to master.

You missed the optimal age, that of childhood, to learn to ski and wonder if it makes any sense to start now?

The answer is YES, alpine skiing can be learned at any age. Below, you can see Gabi, who decided, at 52, to learn to ski.

Why ski touring?

Because it is the next level of alpine skiing and because it is a great way to get an exceptional physical condition. Ski touring gives you the opportunity to climb slopes, not just to descend, which dramatically expands your playground if you are a winter trekking and mountaineering passionate. You can get out of the trail, you can adventure through places where, if you would climb up by foot, you would actually swim right through the snow.

At the end of the climb, the prize comes: to ski a virgin slope with untouched snow away from the noise of the slopes, just you, the mountain and a few good friends.

Why a skiing camp?

Because skiing is not a sport you can learn from one weekend to the next. It implies the sustained repetition of the many elements that compose it – from the position of the legs, arms and body, to balance and fine-tuning of the sliding – for a few days in a row. Otherwise, if the lessons go through days or weeks, you will always have to learn again and again the techniques learned last time which you have forgotten in the meantime. Six consecutive days of lessons is the optimal time you need to learn the basics of this sport or to improve it.

Why Kopaonic, in Serbia?

Because it is probably the most suitable resort for learning to ski in Europe. If we take into account criteria such as accessibility from Romania, ski pass and accommodation prices, quality of slopes and cableway installations, nightlife or gastronomic sensational offer, Kopaonik is the perfect choice over more famous resorts in Austria, Italy or France.

Because Serbs are an extraordinary, friendly people who know how to have fun and who have excellent places for spending the evenings, which is very important after a day of skiing.

Because it has the most suitable slopes for lessons I have ever seen:

Why me?

Because I am a mountain guide and an authorized ski instructor, and I have the experience of the Mont Blanc Challenge personal development program. After you have got over 20 people in 4 years and you prepare them for the highest peaks of the Alps, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa or Matterhorn, you learn that people need not only your know-how but they want a 360-degree experience.

As a result, besides the actual skiing exercises, Alpine & Touring SKI & FUN Camp also includes:

  • personalized, specific training before the camp
  • after-effort recovery during the camp